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Denture molds from Midwest Dental Wauwatosa.Patients who are missing teeth have different options to replace those missing teeth including a dental bridge, a partial denture or full denture. Choosing one of these options will improve your ability to chew, improve your look, and help support your facial structure. Today, our patients have a number of options in look, style and fit, that we can find the right appliance to fit your needs. Working with our team at Wauwatosa Dental Group, we can evaluate your needs, make suggestions, and customize a treatment plan.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures, whether a fixed bridge, or a removable partial are used when a patient is missing some teeth, but not all of their teeth. A fixed bridge is used to replace one or several missing teeth; this piece is designed with two crowns on either end to cover two healthy anchor teeth, with false teeth between. A removable partial denture can be used to replace multiple missing teeth anywhere on the arch, it is stabilized by resting on the adjacent healthy teeth.

Today, patients can also have dental implants surgically placed to serve as attachments for a bridge or partial denture. A dental implant is a titanium post that we place in the jaw, where it will serve as a permanent anchor to which we can attach the final restoration.

Because there are healthy teeth that we can use for retention, a partial denture is typically more stable and comfortable to use and wear than a complete denture. When considering partial dentures, and implants, there are many factors that we consider to determine candidacy. We need the patient to have healthy gum tissue, sufficient bone, and the remaining teeth need to be healthy and well maintained.

Full Dentures

Patients who are seeking to replace all of their teeth have alternatives available today that weren’t available years ago. Today we have options that can help your dentures look and feel more like natural teeth, which is something we could never do with traditional dentures.

In the past dentures were stabilized on your gum ridge using suction or store bought adhesives. While this worked for many people, some people had trouble with ‘loose’ fitting dentures because there wasn’t enough gum ridge to provide the stability they wanted. Today we are able to give the stability denture patients are looking for with the use of dental implants. After the implants have been placed and heal, we can fabricate dentures that are either permanently attached, or are ‘snapped’ onto the implants. Dentures that have the ability to ‘snap’ onto the implant can be removed for cleaning.

For more information, we invite you to contact our Wauwatosa office today at (414) 253-1669 to come in and discuss all of the available options for replacing missing teeth.
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