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Straightening Crooked Teeth Wauwatosa, WI

Teen smiles with braces meant to straighten crooked teeth in Wauwatosa, WI.If left untreated, crooked teeth can contribute to serious issues with speech. Even if tooth misalignment does not cause issues right now, speech can become impaired as the misalignment worsens. A few of the most common problems that occur with speech due to crooked teeth include lisps and whistling, but there can also be difficulty with pronouncing certain words since the teeth are so crucial to pronunciation. The good news is that the proper orthodontic treatment can realign the teeth that are causing a problem and allow you to regain your ability to speak clearly.

Reasons to Straighten Crooked Teeth

•  Crooked Teeth May Affect Your Bite
Having crooked teeth can affect the way that your upper and lower teeth come together when you close your jaw. This can cause pressure and stress, leading to extreme wear. When your teeth are worn down, they are also more likely to experience cracks or chips, and a bad bite can put added pressure onto your jaw joint.

•  More Attractive Teeth
Many people prefer that their teeth look straight rather than being plagued by imperfections. By straightening your teeth, you’ll feel more confident with your smile, and this confidence can transfer to other parts of your life.

•  Risk of Gum Disease
Crooked teeth are hard to clean, meaning they can trap bacteria. When bacteria are allowed to multiply, they can eventually cause gum disease. This is especially important when you consider that gum disease is tied to a greater risk of stroke and heart disease.

•  Eliminate the Need for Costly Future Treatment
Straight teeth are healthy teeth. By better caring for your teeth and being able to clean them properly, you may be avoiding the need for time-consuming and expensive dental care in the future. Invest in your future oral health by getting orthodontic treatment today.

If you are ready to finally straighten your teeth and to enjoy a beautiful, new smile, contact our office at (414) 253-1669 to set up a consultation!
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