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The Reasons Your Gums May Bleed Don't Necessarily Have to Deal with Gum Disease

Posted on 1/17/2018 by WDG Office
Bleeding Gums Wauwatosa Dental Group WI 53226-1307For most people, they see a bit of blood in the sink and automatically get nervous that they must have gum disease. While many people will be correct in that thinking, it isn't always the culprit.

Instead, you may have other problems that are leading to bleeding gums. The best way to know what's actually going on is by asking your dentist to take a look around. They will be able to let you know if the cause is gum disease or something else.

Other Reasons Your Gums May Bleed

Trauma is one of the easiest causes of bleeding gums, but that one you tend to know happened. It could be falling and hitting your mouth, or even biting into something the wrong way and a shard of something sharp hitting your gums.

Either way, trauma can lead you to having a short period of bleeding gums, even while your gums are totally healthy.

Women can also experience bleeding gums during pregnancy. This is due to the hormonal changes her body is going through. Most of the time, the bleeding gums go away shortly after she delivers the baby, but either way, she should be seeing a dentist during her pregnancy.

This way, the dentist can keep a close eye on the health of her mouth and keep all of the oral changes she is going through on record.

Bleeding gums can mean gum disease, as the early stages are nearly 100% painless. However, just because your gums bleed, does not mean you are struggling with gum disease.

Go in and see your dentist if you notice bleeding gums, and have them look. You may simply need a good cleaning or need another type of procedure to restore your mouth to optimal oral health.
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