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What Ice Does That Damages Your Teeth

Posted on 11/10/2017 by WDG Office
Ice Midwest Dental Wauwatosa WI 53226
There are people who like to chew on ice for pleasure, to cool down during the hot summer months, or because they are addicted to this very bad habit.

There are some good reasons why it is bad to chew on ice habitually. Here is more information on why ice chewing habitually is a bad idea for teeth and gums.

Ice Chewing is Bad for Your Teeth and Gums

If you chew on ice constantly, you may see yourself in the dentist chair often. Often times, during the hot summer months, the dentist offices are full because people normally chew on ice to cool themselves down.

However, if you do it often because you are addicted to doing it, you can end up breaking or chipping teeth or causing injury to your gums and find yourself getting help from the dentist.

Things to Chew on Instead of Ice

There are healthier alternatives you can chew on instead of ice that will satisfy you and provide healthier teeth and gums as well as a healthier body overall. You can use baby carrots and apple chunks as a healthier alternative instead of ice.

The Reason for Habitual Ice Chewing

The reason for the need to constantly chew on ice, no matter the temperature outside, could be cause for concern.

It is actually a sign of iron deficiency anemia. The name tells all, iron deficiency anemia happens when you are low on iron and end up with anemia because of it. You can fix this iron deficiency by taking iron supplements.

You can contact us for more information on the causes, reasons, and ways to fix the problems of ice chewing. We will provide you with all of the information you will need on this habitual problem. Call us as soon as you know you have a problem and we will help you.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (414) 253-1669 today.

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