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What to Do When You Have a Cracked Molar

Posted on 10/20/2017 by WDG Office
Cracked Molar Midwest Dental Wauwatosa WI 53226
Did you recently bite down and feel something off in one of your teeth? It may have been painful, or it may have just felt odd and not actually hurt in the slightest.

Either way, if you felt something off, you may want to come in and get that tooth checked. It may have cracked, and even if it was not painful, it can still cause problems in your mouth. Here is what you should do should you think you may have a cracked molar.

When a Tooth Cracks, It Can Lead to Bigger Problems

Depending on the type of crack, some can be fixed. However, if you do not get the crack checked out and evaluated, you may never know.

The longer a tooth goes on being cracked, the higher the chances are of the tooth cracking into two (or more) distinct pieces, which will then require the tooth to come out.

The initial crack may not cause you any discomfort at all. In fact, you may not notice any pain at all. That does not mean the tooth is totally alright. Using a cracked tooth means that the crack is under pressure. With each bite, the crack can spread open.

This is just enough room to have debris and bacteria get into the space, which will then lead to tooth decay. This may be when you get your first twinge of pain. Typically, by the time a cracked tooth like this begins to hurt, there is little that can be done to save the tooth.

When you even think that one of your teeth is cracked, it is important that you come in and get it checked out. We can look at the tooth and perform x-rays to give us an idea of what is going on with your tooth.

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